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  • STRSHIRE - STRS New Hire Tape File Layout
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STRSHIRE - New Hire Record Layout

Field No.Field NameDescriptionStart LocationField LengthFormatRequiredVaild Values 
1Record TypeIdentifies record for STRS Ohio processing14Char(04)RequiredNM=New Hire 
2Employer ID

Four (4)-character identifier assigned to employer by STRS Ohio. (The first digit for city school districts is the letter "c")

54Char(04)RequiredSTRS Ohio Employer Number 
3First Date on PayrollDate employee Starts work910Date "MM/DD/CCYY"RequiredDate 
4Social Security NumberSocial Security number of employee199Integer(09) "ZZZZZZZZ9"RequiredNumeric 
5Last NameLast name of employee2825Char(25)RequiredNo punctuation except dash 
6First NameFirst name of employee5315Char(15)RequiredNo punctuation except dash 
7Birth DateBirth date of employee6810Date "MM/DD/CCYY"RequiredDate 
8GenderGender of employee781Char(01)RequiredF=Female, M=Male 
9AddressDelivery address7940Char(40)RequiredNo punctuation except dash 
10City NameCity name11920Char(20)Required  
11State CodeUnited States Postal Service (USPS) abbreviation for state1392Char(02)RequiredUSPS assigned state codes. **=Foreign Address 
12Zip Code

Code assigned by the United States Postal Service to identify a specific geographic delivery area


Required (domestic addresses)


Identifies higher education faculty eligible to elect an alternative retirement plan (ARP). Note: Only applicable to college and university employers


Y=Eligible for ARP
N=Ineligible/Not Applicable

14Email AddressEmail Address of employee14750Char(50)Required  
15Phone NumberPhone number of employee19710



16Phone Number TypePhone Number type for the employee=Cell or Home2071Char(01)Optional

C=Cell Phone

H=Home Phone

17ReservedSpace reserved for future use20849Char(49)Reserved

Total record length = 256

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