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The CRTSCN program provides information about employee certificate information including grade, type, expiration, status, and description.

The information shown cannot be changed or updated. It is a browse feature only.

The [Top] function key brings up the first record on file.

The [Help] function key provides you with explanations of the various codes that may appear for employees.

The [Next] function key causes the next record in the file to be displayed.

The [Find] function key allows you to search for a specific employee. Enter either a SSN or employee name in the Find field of CRTSCN, press the [Find] function key. You will receive a message if the employee has no certificate on file.

No report is generated by this program.

accessing the program

The program may be executed by typing:


at the $ prompt or in the menu system type:


sample screen

  Find:____________   _____________  __________
           SSN        Last Name      First Name

  SSN: 022-30-1234  Name: RICHARD      BURTON

  Grade   Type  Expires  Status     Code    Description
   P      HS    PERM     Active     080310  PHYSICAL EDUCATION 7 THRU 12
                                    130200  BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE
                                    210100  DRIVER EDUCATION

   CRTSCN - Employee Certificate List
    XX  Top             XX  Find
    XX  Help
    XX  Exit
    XX  Next

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