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The Spending Plan is a management document which should present a true reflection of the estimated financial condition of the district for July through June. This estimate may reflect a deficit or positive balance according to the "spending plan" proposed for those twelve months.The spending plan is written in a format matching the Five-Year Forecast (up through line 8.01). The Spending Plan will track the estimated monthly amounts and allows you to change estimates for each of the line items from the Five-Year Forecast for each month of the designated fiscal year.  

Create a Spending Plan estimate

  1. From the Periodic menu, select 'Spending Plan'
  2. Click on 
    1. Select the fiscal year.
    2. Select the ODE forecast line number.

      Any calculated lines from the Five-Year Forecast will not be available to choose from.  This includes subtotal and total lines from the Five-Year Forecast.

    3. Enter the estimated amount for the desired month and select 'SAVE' to save the changes.  The FY Estimated field is calculating the monthly estimate figures that are entered.

Search/View Spending Plan

The Spending Plan grid allows the user to search for any monthly/yearly spending plan by clicking in the filter row in the grid columns and entering in the desired information.   Click on  to generate a report based on your filtered data. Click on any row of the search results to see a summary view of the record.   Click on to see the full details on the spending plan.    The Advanced Search can be utilized by clicking on the  in the upper right side of the grid.

Edit Spending Plan

The spending plan from the current year may be modified. Only fields that are allowed to be edited will be displayed.

  1. Search desired monthly spending plan on grid
  2. Click on to edit
    1. Make desired changes
  3. Click on  to save desired changes, click on Cancel to not post the changes and return to the grid.

Delete Spending Plan

The delete function may be used to delete a spending plan.  NOTE: If the fiscal year has been closed, you cannot delete the spending plan for that year.

  1. Search desired monthly spending plan on grid
  2. Click on  to delete
  3. Click on "Delete" to confirm the deletion

More Information

Please refer to the related Spending Plan reports under the Report Manager:

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