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  • Scheduling a Report to run via a Cron Job
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To schedule a template or custom report to run for a specific day and/or time, the job scheduler icon  can be used in the 'Generate Report' window.   This is a one-time setup which will then generate the report based on the cron expression and automatically email it to a specified recipient. You can use a free online cron expression generator to generate your cron expression. 

Free online cron expression generators:

Example: Generate a Financial Summary report for the cafeteria fund to be emailed to the Cafeteria manager every Monday morning.  

  1. Click   to open the Generate Report window for the Cash Summary Report

  2. Enter the desired parameters.  For our example, enter 006-0000 in the 'FUND-SCC' parameter.
  3. Click on the job scheduler icon  which will open the Schedule Report window

    1. Job Name: Defaults to what is displayed in the 'Name' parameter.  You can overwrite the default job name.

      The Job Name must be unique for each scheduled cron job.  For example, if I'm creating several Cash Summary reports, each one based on a different FUND-SCC, the Job Name cannot be the same for each Cash Summary report.  If I create separate Cash Summary reports for the Cafeteria Manager and Band Director, the Job Name for the Cafeteria Manager may be 'Cash Summary Report - Cafeteria' and the Job Name for the Band Directory may be 'Cash Summary Report - Band'.

    2. Cron Expressionis a command set up to run periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals.  Cron Expressions can be set up by using a free online cron expression generator.  Here is an example of a Cron expression to be run every Monday at 7:00 AM

    3. Send Output to: enter the email of the intended recipient; you can enter multiple email addresses by separating each with a comma.
  4. A pop-up message will briefly appear stating the job has been created.   Cancel or 'x' out of the 'Generate Report' window.
  5. The job is stored under UTILITIES/Job Scheduler.  It will be displayed here until the job completes (if there is an end time specified in the cron expression) or if the job is deleted using  .

    In order to use the Cron job you must have the Email Notification Services Module installed System/Modules. Once it is installed the Email Configuration must be completed, System/Configuration. If you are unsure of what to enter in the configuration please consult your IT dept.

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