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Go to Transaction/AP Invoices 

  • Click +CREATE
  • Enter Purchase Order Number and click CREATE
  • Enter all Invoice information
  • Click ✓SAVE

Alternative way to INVOICE:

Go to Transactions/Purchase Orders

Filter Grid to find Purchase Order and Click on to invoice. You will be taken to AP Invoice 

  • Enter all Invoice information
  • Click ✓SAVE

Next, go to Transaction/Payables 

  • From Vendor tab, select total outstanding payables by vendor to group all payables by vendor


  • From Detail tab, select outstanding payables by invoice detail for each vendor
  • Click ✓Post Selected
  • Choose options from Post Disbursements window
    • Default grouping option of 'vendor' will group all payables for the same vendor under one disbursement
    • Grouping option of 'invoice' will group payables by invoice for the same vendor creating a separate disbursement for each invoice  
  • POST  (At this point funds are expended from the accounts)
  • Continue to Print **  (This will take you to a Pop Up box to post your Disbursement or you can Go to Transaction/Disbursements steps below)

**You can choose to print the disbursement now or at a later time.  After payables are posted, the monies are expended from the accounts.  

Go to Transaction/Disbursements ***  (You will be at this screen from the above process)

  • Select the Payable just posted or click on the 'Show Printable' box to display all disbursements without a check number assigned to them
  • Click Generate Print File
    • Enter:  Check # or let auto assign
    • Select Sorting Options
    • Checkmark 'Print Electronic Checks" if you want a check number assigned to an electronic disbursement
    • Output type (XML or PDF)
    • Check form if you have a custom form.  Otherwise, leave the default option chosen.
    • Click GENERATE (Will get a PDF of check or XML file of the check)

***Disbursement grid is a listing of all transactions that have been expended/posted to USAS, even if a check number has not been assigned/printed

Modify Invoice 

Go to AP Invoice  

  • Search for Invoice by entering beginning and ending dates, PO #, or Invoice #
  • Click on  to edit
  • Enter correcting information
  • Click Save

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