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  Please click here to view a short video on how to create a disbursement and assign a check number.


Users have the ability to create Disbursements through the Payables interface. A payable is an unpaid invoice.  As invoice items are filled via AP Invoice they will appear as a "payable" under the Payables query.  By default, all invoices that are currently filled will appear in the query results.  The user may use the grid options to search for specific payables, if desired.  The grid results are displayed in two different formats. 


The default format “Vendor” displays, by vendor, the total outstanding payable amount and allows the user to select by vendor or post all outstanding payables at one time.

The second format “Detail” contains all the individual payable items along with check boxes to allow selecting the payables the user wishes to pay.  The user can filter, sort or generate a report of the payables they wish to pay as well.


Creating a Disbursement

  1. From the Transaction menu select "Payables"
  2. Choose the Detail or Vendor format
  3. Search for the payable/s to be paid and click in the beside the desired payable/s
    1. the check box in the column header row can be checked to select ALL payables
  4. Click on
  5. Enter in the disbursement date, grouping, and bank account
  6. Click on  to create the disbursement (expending the money), click on to return the paybles grid
  7. It displays a summary result page where the user can now choose to the disbursements if physical checks were created or to return to the payables grid
  8. If the user clicked on they will be taken to the Disbursement interface where they can now print the physical checks. By using this option, the disbursement grid by default will show all printable disbursements.

Print Disbursement

  1. Click in the beside the desired disbursement/s
  2. Click on 
  3. Select the output type and starting check number

    1. If a starting check number is not entered it will auto assign using the highest number on file
  4. Click on 
  5. The user will then have a pop-up with the checks in the desired output type that can be uploaded into a third party printing software if needed.

Search Payables

The Payables grid allows the user to search for existing account filters by clicking in the filter row in the grid columns and entering in the desired information. Click on any row of the search results to see a summary view of the record.  The Advanced Search can be utilized by clicking on the   in the upper right side of the grid.

More Information

Disbursements will be created as a check, electronic disbursement, or ACH based on the "defaultPaymentType" from the vendor (actual creation of the ACH file is not yet available).  All disbursements regardless of type are numbered automatically with a disbursement number (Reference Number).  The starting check number field is assigning the physical check number for actual checks, i.e., non-electronic and non-ACH.  If the starting check number is left blank, the check number will be auto-assigned based on the current highest check number.  

The Grouping Option lets the user decide if the checks should be grouped either by Vendor (how CKPROC currently works), or by Invoice.  Grouping by Invoice will allow districts to get a separate check per invoice number without multiple runs as is currently necessary in classic USAS.

Disbursements with a negative amount will not be allowed and will cause an error to be generated during the posting process.

Payables Video











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