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The Online Checkbook extract option will create a CSV extraction file containing all expenditure data that meets the requirements for participation in the Treasurer of State (TOS) Transparency project, also referred to as the   The data extracted will include warrant, memo, and payroll clearance checks, reduction of expenditures, and distributions for a date range specified by the user.  The district may optionally choose to exclude expenditures from specific fund/scc combinations.

Care must be taken when extracting and submitting the file that correct date ranges are used to prevent duplicate data from being submitted.  Failure to follow this may result in duplicated information within the Online Checkbook application.  For the initial extraction, it is anticipated that a district will extract 3-5 years of data. 

Before submitting the initial extraction file, the district should contact TOS or go to the link to register.  The district will then be sent an Intake Form to provide TOS with the information they need before the data can be loaded.  After the initial load, subsequent files can then be sent by the district periodically (quarterly is recommended).

Date Selection: Enter the beginning and ending transaction date for this extraction.

Exclude Cash Account(s): Optional field used to exclude transactions associated with a specific cash account from the extract. If multiple cash accounts are to be excluded they can be entered into the field separated by commas.

The output CSV can be saved and manually submitted to
Output fields
  • District IRN
  • District Name
  • Fiscal Year
  • Period (month)
  • Fund
  • Fund Description
  • Function
  • Function Description
  • Object
  • Object Description
  • SCC
  • Subject
  • OPU
  • IL
  • Job
  • OPU IRN  - the IRN from Core > OPUs page 
  • IRN Name - the building or district name associated with the OPU IRN
  • Transaction Type  - Expenditure, Void, Reduction of Expenditure, or Distribution
  • Transaction ID
  • Transaction Item #
  • Transaction Date
  • Check No
  • Amount  - will be negated when appropriate
  • Vendor No
  • Vendor City
  • Vendor State
  • Vendor Zip Code
  • Description - the line item description from the purchase order, reduction of expenditure, or distribution transaction
  • Function Area Description - description for two digit function code, e.g., 1100
  • Object Area Description - description for one digit object code, e.g., 100
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