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  • Link Legacy Repay Transactions to Advances
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This process should be done after the district has imported their data into Redesign from Classic. For districts that have already migrated to Redesign prior to February 2020, this process can be performed immediately. This process only needs to be completed one time (per advance) to link legacy repay transactions to the appropriate advance transaction. Any future repayments on the advance transactions will be created using the standard Repay Advance procedure.

See also Link A Legacy Repay to an Advance.

Utilize the SSDT Transfer Advance Activity Report to Review Transactions

  1. The SSDT Transfer Advance Activity Report can be run for Transaction Types Advance and Legacy_Repay to generate a list of transactions by cash account. 

  2. This report may be helpful in locating which Repays belong to which Advances. Review the transaction account code and amount.

    Some repayments are for the full amount of the Advance so they are easy to locate:

    Some are only partial repayments so they may be more difficult to determine without looking at the account code:

Link Legacy Repays to an Advance

  1. Navigate to the Transactions > Transfers/Advances grid
  2. Locate the Advance and click the  icon to view the transaction.

  3. In the grid for Repayments at the bottom of the pop up window, click on the link icon to select a Legacy Repay to link to the Advance.
  4. This will open an additional pop up window with a drop down to select the Legacy Repay to link. The information in the drop down includes the reference number, description, and amount for the Legacy Repay transaction.

  5. Once the appropriate repayment is selected click 
  6. The linked repayment will now show in the Repayments grid.

  7.  If multiple repays need to be linked to the advance, repeat this process to select additional repay transactions to link.
  8. Once the total amount of the advance has been accounted for in the linked repayments, the link icon  will be greyed out and no additional repayments can be linked.

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