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Group Chains

A Group Chain defines how the requisition flows from one Group to another throughout the approval process. 

Create Group Chain

  1. Click  to set up a Group Chain.
  2. Choose Type of Group Chain (i.e. Requisition Approval) and click continue.                                                                                                                                  
  3. Enter the information for the Group Chain:
    • Name - enter the name for your Group Chain
    • Description - enter the description (optional)
  4. Select and drag Available Groups from the left to right to set up Group Chain for the approval process.  To deselect, drag from right to left.                                                                                                                                                                       
    1. Example of Group Chain with the approvals flowing from the HS Principal (or Assistant). the Purchasing Manager, Asst Treasurer and then the Treasurer as the final approver.
  5. Click

Search/View Group Chain

You can view the Groups Chain grid for details on the Group Chain's Name, Description, Type, the number of Groups included in the Group Chain and whether or not the Group Chain is Archived.  You can also sort by clicking the Grid Header.    To view the details of the Selected Groups for the Group Chain, click the view icon .

Edit Group Chain

Click on in the grid to Edit the Group Chain.   

Delete Group Chain

Click on  in the grid to Delete the desired Group Chain.  This will only allow Group s to be deleted that are not tied to any transactions. 

More Information 

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