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Civil Proceeding is to be completed if there are any law suits the district is involved in during the reporting period. 

Create a Civil Proceedings Record

  1. From the Periodic menu select 'Civil Proceedings'
  2. Click on 
    1. Enter in the required information for the record. 
      • Enter the fiscal year to be reported
      • Enter the proceeding number (for district use only)
      • Enter the name of the court and the course case number
      • Report the total expenses incurred so far for this case
      • Report the expenses incurred during the fiscal year to be reported'
      • Enter the participants roles and names
      • Enter a description of the case
    1. Click on   to create the record, click on to not post and return to the grid.

Search/View Civil Proceeding Records

The Civil Proceeding grid allows the user to search for any detail record by clicking in the filter row in the grid columns and entering in the desired information.   Click on  to generate a report based on your filtered data. A report may be generated by running the Civil Proceedings report under the Report Manager grid. Click on any row of the search results to see a summary view of the record.   Click on to see the full details on each record.    The Advanced Search can be utilized by clicking on the  in the upper right side of the grid.

Edit Civil Proceedings Record

Civil Proceedings records may be modified. Only fields that are allowed to be edited will be displayed.

  1. Search desired detail record on grid
  2. Click on to edit the transaction
    1. Make desired changes
  3. Click on  to save desired changes, click on Cancel to not post the changes and return to the grid.

Delete Civil Proceedings

The delete function may be used to delete a record.  

  1. Search desired record on grid
  2. Click on  to delete the transaction
  3. Click on "Delete" to confirm the deletion
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