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The Import File Type must be equal to one of the following:

  • CSV - Indicating comma separated delimited file.  The Length is preset for each field.  Comma separated files place quotes around text fields and separate fields with commas. These files are simpler to work with compared to fixed length files, as only the field order needs to be known.
  • Fixed Length - All information is formatted with either valid data or spaces. Fixed Length fields are filled with spaces to a specified width. Each field has an offset from the start of the line, and a length in number of characters.

The Import Fields to choose from include:

  • Amount (Explicit Decimal): this means an explicit decimal meaning the check amount on the file type includes decimals
  • Amount (Implicit Decimal) this implies decimals so the check amount on the file type should not include decimals
  • Bank Account
  • Check Day
  • Check Month
  • Check Number
  • Check Year
  • Ignore
  • Payee
  • Void Flag

The Length will be automatically determined by the import field chosen.  The format of the field will be automatically displayed.

Once the Reconcile format has been chose, click on 'Save' to save the format.

You can add several bank formats for a district.  To view a specific bank format, click on the drop down box next to 'Saved Formats',  choose a format and click on LOAD..

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