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The Appropriation Resolution Report allows the user to generate a report of the district's temporary resolution prior to fiscal year closing or as a final resolution, which is submitted after the County Auditor's office has given final approval for the district's spending plan.

The temporary resolution includes information from the Next Year's Proposed amounts.  The permanent resolution uses data from the current fiscal year amounts.  The user has the ability to select the fiscal year, amounts to use, and include/exclude accounts with zero balances.  The report subtotals, by default, are FUND, FUND/SCC, 1-dig FUNC, 2-dig FUNC and 1-dig OBJ but the reporting levels for each fund can be modified via the 'FUND' tab under CORE>Accounts.  Please click here for more information on how to change the reporting levels.

  • Fiscal Year

    • The user selects the fiscal year to report on.  

Example:   You should select the fiscal year 2020 to create a report showing the Next Year Proposed budgets that will be utilized in FY2021. 

  • The amounts to use option allows you to select data from
    • Beginning Balances Only
    • Next Year Proposed
    • FTD Appropriation, Carryover, and Totals
    • FTD Appropriation, minus Carryover Encumbrances
  • By default, the report will exclude accounts with zero balances but you can checkmark the Include Accounts with Zero Balances to include them.
  • By default, Summarize Recap by Fund? will be checked.  Uncheck to have Recap report summarize by Fund-SCC.

Example:  Recap by Fund

  • By default, Show Options will be checked.  Uncheck if desired.
  • Click on  to generate a PDF version of the report.

Narrative Data For Resolution

The appropriation resolution narrative from Classic's APPRES program, which included the the date/time/location and the listing of Board members adopting the Resolution, is not available in the Redesign.  A separate document (i.e. Word document) will need to be created. Click here for a sample narrative data (in Word format) in which you can then save and customize with your district information.

Fund Levels for Reporting

The report subtotals are based on reporting levels that can be specified on the associated Fund. 

  1. Under Core/Accounts, click on the the  tab to display the Fund grid.

  2. Click on to edit an existing Fund.  
  3. Select the Resolution (reporting) Levels for the fund and the Appropriation Resolution report will be generated based on the Resolution level selected.
  4. If the fund is not to be included on the Appropriation Resolution report, remove the checkmark from the 'Include in Resolution' box.
  5. Click on  to save changes.

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