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Account Filter

An 'account filter' controls what accounts a user can create, read, update, delete and process transactions against on the system. Each user may be assigned an account filter via the Utilities/Account Filters option.   

Create Account filter

  1. From the Utilities menu select 'Account filters'
  2. Click on
  3. Enter in the required information:
    1. Filter Name: Enter the name for the filter (this is a required field).

      Case Sensitive

      Please make note that Filter Names are case sensitive.  For example, if you create a Filter Name called "ATHLETICS", when generating reports and entering a filter name parameter, the case must match.

    2. Enter the Order number in which the information should be entered and processed. When assigning order numbers, it is important to assign the more detailed accounts with lower order numbers (e.g. 1, 2, 3 ...) and the less detailed accounts a higher order number.
    3. Click on  to add accounts and check all boxes that apply (hover over the letter C, R, U etc and it will display a tool tip of what each letter means.)  Leaving a checkbox blank indicates that access will not be granted.
      1. C = Create which allows the user to create accounts for that filter
      2. R = Read which allows the user to view the accounts for that filter
      3. U = Update which allows the user to modify accounts for that filter
      4. D = Delete which allows the user to delete accounts for that filter
      5. P = Preencumbrance which allows the user to post requisitions against that filter
      6. E = Encumbrance which allows the user to post purchase orders against that filter.
    4. 'Wildcards' (% symbol) can be used in the account dimensions when giving access to more than one account.  For example, 
    5. Ranges (value1..value2) can be used in the account dimensions when giving access to ranges of accounts. For example, 
  4. Click on  to create the account filter, click on  to not create the account filter and return to the Account filter gird.

Search Account filter

The account filter grid allows the user to search for existing account filters by clicking in the filter row in the grid columns and entering in the desired information. Click on any row of the search results to see a summary view of the record.  The Advanced Search can be utilized by clicking on the   in the upper right side of the grid.

Edit Account filter

Click on  in the grid beside the account filter to edit the filter. Only fields that are allowed to be edited will be displayed.

Add Account filter to User

  1. From the System menu select 'User'
  2. Search for the desired username
  3. Click on in the row beside the desired username
  4. Select the desired account filter from the 'Filters' drop down
  5. Click on  to update the username, click on  to not update the username and return to the User.

Delete Account filter

 Click on   in the row beside the desired account filter . A confirmation box will appear asking to confirm that the account filter should be deleted.  An account filter that is assigned to a User in the system can not be deleted.

More Information

If no entries are made in the Account Filter option, access will be granted to all account codes. If one or more account codes are entered, access is denied to all other codes that were not entered. If two or more account codes are entered, the system will use the first matching account code entered to determine the access level. Thus if similar account codes are to be entered in the the more specific account codes should be entered before the generalized account codes. The order of the accounts displayed can be 'reordered' using the icons.


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