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Account Code Mapping

An 'account code mapping' entry controls how account codes will be mapped when using the Proration Utility option to Create a PO CSV. 

Create Account Code Mapping

  1. From the Utilities menu select 'Account Code Mapping'
  2. Click on
  3. Enter in the required information:
    1. Name: Enter the name for the (this is a required field).

    2. Type will be Expenditure Account by default.

    3. Click on  to add accounts.
      1. Source accounts indicate the account code located. Target account indicates what account the source will be mapped to.
    4. The Source fields are used to compare to the code dimension values and can contain full code dimension values or the following wildcards
      1. ( * ) match any value or combination of values
      2. ( % ) match one character in the specified position. (ex. 1%1 would match any value starting with 1 and ending with 1 with any value in the second character 111, 121, 131)
      3. ( # ) match any number value from 1-9 in the specified position.
      4. (@ ) match any character value A-Z or a-z in the specified position.
    5. Move account code entries using the arrow icons When ordering lines, more detailed accounts should be moved to the top of the grid and the less detailed accounts lower on the grid.
    6. The copy icon can be used to copy an existing line to create a new line.
    7. Click on  to create the account code mapping, click on to not create the account code mapping and return to the gird.

Search Account Code Mapping

The account code mapping grid allows the user to search for existing account filters by clicking in the filter row in the grid columns and entering in the desired information. 

Edit Account Code Mapping

Click on  in the grid beside the account code mapping to edit. Only fields that are allowed to be edited will be displayed.

Delete Account Code Mapping

 Click on   in the row beside the desired account code mapping . A confirmation box will appear asking to confirm that the record should be deleted.  

Use Account Code Mapping with the Proration Utility

When using the Create PO CSV option of the Proration Utility, the Account Mapping drop down will contain all Account Code Mappings that have been entered to the Account Code Mapping Grid. When selecting one of these mappings, account codes contained in the data set will be compared to the Source accounts on the Mapping and qualifying accounts will be changed to the Target account in the CSV output. 


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