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May 2, 2018


1 issue


This is the third hotfix release for version 7.4.0.  This hotfix corrects a problem with creating Transfers and Advances.

A hotfix or quick-fix is typically a single change that addresses a problem in the software.  Hotfixes are made to address a specific concern and provide a quick solution.

Please keep in mind these release notes only reflect the changes included in this release. There are many other features of the software that were previously released that will not be reflected in these release notes. General information about all of the features available in USAS-R can be found in our USAS-R Documentation. There is a section in the documentation that also details the significant changes between USAS-R and classic USAS. 

Issues included on this release


  • [USASR-3157] - User cannot create a Transfer/Advance