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USAS-R Releases

Release DateBuild DateRelease Notes


01-10-18 15:54:38

USAS-R v7.0.0-17 Release Notes

02-01-18 12:23:40USAS-R v7.1.0-22 Release Notes

02-05-18 11:49:58USAS-R v7.1.1-1 Release Notes

02-07-18 12:50:19USAS-R v7.1.2-3 Release Notes

02-09-18 16:29:06USAS-R v7.1.3-4 Release Notes

02-20-18 13:22:46USAS-R v7.1.4-2 Release Notes

02-28-18 10:38:53USAS-R v7.2.0-7 Release Notes

03-06-18 15:05:50USAS-R v7.2.1-6 Release Notes

03-06-18 16:38:46USAS-R v7.2.2-2 Release Notes

03-13-18 17:14:46USAS-R v7.2.3-1 Release Notes

03-18-18 12:13:39USAS-R v7.2.5-5 Release Notes

03-20-18 13:42:22USAS-R v7.3.0-2 Release Notes

03-28-18 08:58:21USAS-R v7.3.1-4 Release Notes

04-13-18 07:55:00USAS-R v7.4.0-14 Release Notes

04-13-18 12:46:53USAS-R v7.4.1-2 Release Notes

04-24-18 16:48:41USAS-R v7.4.2-3 Release Notes

05-02-18 8:48:49USAS-R v7.4.3-4 Release Notes

05-03-18 10:46:59USAS-R v7.4.4-1 Release Notes

05-08-18 11:55:49USAS-R v7.4.5-2 Release Notes

05-29-18 13:34:42USAS-R v7.5.0-8 Release Notes

06-04-18 16:57:15USAS-R v7.5.1-7 Release Notes

06-25-18 23:27:11USAS-R v7.6.0-11 Release Notes

06-27-18 16:56:35USAS-R v7.6.1-4 Release Notes

07-03-18 15:26:05USAS-R v7.6.2-1 Release Notes

07-09-18 14:04:38USAS-R v7.6.3-2 Release Notes

07-11-18 22:28:48USAS-R v7.7.0-9 Release Notes

07-19-18 21:54:24USAS-R v7.7.1-8 Release Notes

08-08-18 13:05:29USAS-R v7.8.0-4 Release Notes

08-17-18 12:06:36USAS-R v7.8.1-4 Release Notes

08-17-18 14:52:46USAS-R v7.8.2-4 Release Notes

08-27-18 16:41:59USAS-R v7.8.3-7 Release Notes

09-11-18 09:56:37USAS-R v7.8.4-2 Release Notes

09-18-18 10:24:29USAS-R v7.8.5-4 Release Notes

09-21-18 15:43:00USAS-R v7.9.0-11 Release Notes

09-24-18 18:20:53USAS-R v7.9.1-4 Release Notes

09-28-18 12:54:21USAS-R v7.9.2-9 Release Notes

10-03-18 14:35:49USAS-R v7.9.3-4 Release Notes

10-15-18 17:35:49USAS-R v7.9.4-2 Release Notes

10-21-18 17:50:25USAS-R v7.10.0-7 Release Notes

11-02-18 14:47:44USAS-R v7.10.1-16 Release Notes

11-04-18 12:13:07USAS-R v7.10.2-2 Release Notes

11-14-18 18:14:59USAS-R v7.10.3-9 Release Notes

11-17-18 12:18:43USAS-R v7.10.4-2 Release Notes

12-04-18 15:51:09USAS-R v7.12.0-36 Release Notes

12-06-18 16:37:21USAS-R v7.12.1-5 Release Notes

12-11-18 15:38:18USAS-R v7.12.2-6 Release Notes

12-13-18 17:18:54USAS-R v7.13.0-6 Release Notes

12-14-18 12:20:55USAS-R v7.14.0-2 Release Notes

12-17-18 11:40:34USAS-R v7.14.1-2 Release Notes

12-19-18 10:33:33USAS-R v7.14.2-3 Release Notes

12-21-18 14:37:24USAS-R v7.14.3-5 Release Notes

12-27-18 23:29:39USAS-R v7.14.4-2 Release Notes

1-04-18 10:25:31USAS-R v7.14.5-1 Release Notes

1-22-19 14:07:02USAS-R v7.15.0-12 Release Notes

1-23-19 09:07:40USAS-R v7.15.1-6 Release Notes

1-23-19 15:45:16USAS-R v7.15.2-1 Release Notes

1-28-19 11:12:21USAS-R v7.15.3-4 Release Notes

2-06-19 15:11:53USAS-R v7.15.4-1 Release Notes

2-13-19 00:58:31USAS-R v7.15.5-5 Release Notes

2-14-19 10:43:01USAS-R v7.16.0-5 Release Notes

2-23-19 15:37:40USAS-R v7.16.1-16 Release Notes

2-25-19 12:05:28USAS-R v7.16.2-1 Release Notes

2-27-19 16:25:51USAS-R v7.16.3-5 Release Notes

3-10-19 12:12:18USAS-R v7.17.0-12 Release Notes

3-18-19 14:28:20USAS-R v7.17.1-10 Release Notes

3-24-19 14:54:53USAS-R v7.18.1-6 Release Notes

3-25-19 12:20:22USAS-R v7.18.1-1 Release Notes

3-25-19 16:02:32USAS-R v7.18.2-1 Release Notes

4-02-19 22:07:40USAS-R v7.18.3-8 Release Notes

4-11-19 11:38:01USAS-R v7.18.4-12 Release Notes

4-17-19 18:13:45USAS-R v7.18.5-4 Release Notes

4-25-19 10:58:52USAS-R v7.19.0-10 Release Notes

5-01-19 5:17:58USAS-R v7.19.1-9 Release Notes

5-06-19 12:06:09USAS-R v7.19.2-4 Release Notes

5-08-19 16:28:25USAS-R v7.19.3-2 Release Notes

5-15-19 14:57:04USAS-R v7.19.4-4 Release Notes

5-18-19 15:33:54USAS-R v7.19.5-2 Release Notes

5-20-19 14:49:49USAS-R v7.19.6-1 Release Notes

6-11-19 13:39:37USAS-R v7.20.0-17 Release Notes

6-19-19 14:36:32USAS-R v7.20.1-11 Release Notes

6-24-19 12:50:46USAS-R v7.20.2-2 Release Notes

7-01-19 13:16:20USAS-R v7.20.3-4 Release Notes

7-05-19 16:10:35USAS-R v7.20.4-2 Release Notes

7-11-19 14:32:56USAS-R v7.21.0-19 Release Notes

7-17-19 21:37:12USAS-R v7.21.1-1 Release Notes

8-06-19 16:03:42USAS-R v7.21.2-1 Release Notes

8-14-19 8:10:28USAS-R v7.22.0-15 Release Notes

8-19-19 10:36:49USAS-R v7.22.1-3 Release Notes

8-23-19 16:06:27USAS-R v7.22.2-8 Release Notes

8-28-19 9:41:47USAS-R v7.23.0-9 Release Notes

9-04-19 18:18:27USAS-R v7.23.1-4 Release Notes

9-12-19 15:01:19USAS-R v7.24.0-3 Release Notes

9-30-19 17:36:05USAS-R v7.25.0-13 Release Notes

10-09-19 13:45:38USAS-R v7.26.0-4 Release Notes



Feedback extremely important and we will address all feedback with the highest priority. Please communicate all feedback to the SSDT using the proper standard channels.  Users are encourage to contact their ITCs for support.  ITCs can send mail to  Feedback should be as specific as possible and include, but is not limited to, any bugs discovered, required missing features, and critical reports that are not adequately implemented.  

Demo Version

A demo version of the latest release is available at:

The demo version contains limited training data.  Feel free to experiment with the system by adding or changing data.  This database will be periodically reset.  

If you wish to experience USAS-R with your own district's data, please contact your ITC and request they install an instance of the Redesign for you.

Accessing the Wiki

If you do not yet have a username for the SSDT Wiki, contact the SSDT for a wiki account. After completing the signup, you will  have rights to post comments on the wiki. You may also use the same username and password to access SSDT JIRA.

If you already have an SSDT JIRA username, we recommend you use the same username and password on both Wiki and JIRA. In the future, these accounts will be merged into a single directory.

Accessing JIRA

If you already have an SSDT JIRA username, you may continue to use your existing JIRA username. If you do not have an existing username, then you should create a Wiki username as described above. Your Wiki username will give you access to both the SSDT Wiki and JIRA applications.

AR and Inventory Modules

The Accounts Receivable module and Inventory module are in early stages of planning and development.  Accounts Receivable is projected to be live in summer of 2020.  In the interim, districts can continue to use the Accounts Receivable module in Classic State Software, importing results into Redesign’s accounting system via pending transactions as needed.  Users also have the option to post summary receipts.  Inventory is projected to be live in summer of 2021.  In the interim, districts can continue using EIS for their inventory.  SSDT has an inventory extract in Redesign that will extract data which can then be imported into the pending file in Classic EIS.  Please see Creating an Inventory Extract and Importing into Classic EIS for details.


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