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  • Using SSDT Service Desk portals to contact SSDT
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If you prefer, you can use the Redesign or Classic portals to create your requests.  The portals allow you to specify the type of request and/or search for existing requests that you or someone in your organization has created.  We recommend bookmarking the portal links for ease of access.

Please note you must have an active JIRA account in order to access the SSDT Service desk portals.

All ITC staff will be under the same organization (SSDT Service Desk).

The box containing ‘What do you need help with?” is a work-in-progress.  This is the knowledge base feature that will allow you to search for commonly asked questions or procedures.   We are just starting to build the knowledge base and SSDT will provide an update when it serves a more beneficial purpose.  Please refer to the following 3 request options to create a service desk request from the portal:

 Request a new feature/enhancement: used when requesting a new feature or enhancement you would like to see added to the software

 Request software support: the most commonly used option: used for general software support questions

  Report a bug: used to report a bug or error message you feel is not common in the software

Create a New Request

  • Enter USAS or USPS for the component.  This is an optional step but is extremely helpful when tracking enhancement requests or possible bugs.
  • Enter a summary of your request

    Please keep this short but choose your wording wisely. When you are searching requests, it's based off of the summary.

  • Enter a detailed description of the request 
  • Add an attachment if necessary 

    Please be careful not to include sensitive information in the request or in attachments.

  • Click on create to submit your request.

  • A summary view of your request will be displayed.  Your request number is displayed as well (i.e. FISCSUP-31).  

View/Search a Request

In the top right corner, the service desk tracks the number of outstanding requests. Click on 'my requests' to view your outstanding requests. To view all outstanding requests in the SSDT organization, click on 'all requests',

The filter row allows you to filter your requests or requests in your organization.

Request StatusCreated ByRequest Type
  • Any
  • Open
  • Closed
  • Anyone
  • Me
  • Where I'm a participant
  • Shared with my Organization
  • SSDT Service Desk
  • Any
  • SSDT Service Desk
  • New Feature/Enhancement
  • Support
  • Report a Bug

'Search for Requests' box only searches the Summary Description (not the detailed description)

To view the details of a request, click on the Reference request number.

You may add additional comments to your request or include an attachment by clicking on the paperclip icon. 

Any activity the SSDT makes to a request (via additional comments, assignee a request, linking a JIRA issue or when completing the request) will be displayed when you view the details of the request.  You will also receive email notifications every time SSDT makes an update to your request.

You may edit your profile by clicking on the drop down box next to . You will be able to add a profile picture, name or change your password.

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