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The SSDT has separate Service Desk systems offered to ITC staff for Classic and Redesign.   ITC staff should discontinue using Cherwell for all Classic software questions.

SSDT Service Desks are available to ITC Staff only. SSDT will not accept any requests that come directly from school district personnel.

 Click here for links to both Service Desk portals (displayed below).  Clicking on the 'SSDT Classic Support Service Desk' link takes you to the Classic portal.  Clicking on the 'SSDT Redesign Support Service Desk' takes you to the Redesign portal.

You must have a JIRA account to access either portal.

...or you may use one of the following options to either email questions to either service desk or access one of the portals 

REDESIGN Service Desk

  1. Email questions via the service desk email: 
  2. Access the Service Desk portal

CLASSIC Service Desk

  1. Email questions via the service desk email: 
  2. Access the Service Desk portal

Click on following links for further information on each option.

Please click here to review the 'Fridays with Fiscal' webinar covering the SSDT Redesign Service Desk.

Service Desk Tips/Tricks

  • Sensitive Information: Please do not include any confidential/private information in either the description or as an attachment in the request.  This information is viewable by others outside your organization.  If you need to send the SSDT sensitive information, please include the information in a secure file drop to the SSDT staff member you are working with.
  • Comments on Closed Requests:  Entering a comment after your request is closed will automatically re-open the request. so please use the comment box on closed requests only if you want to re-open it.
  • Troubleshoot Application Issues: If SSDT asks you to send a file from your docker host (i.e. application log, etc), please refer to the Securely Send Files to SSDT how-to article for step-by-step instructions.
  • Database Backup:
    • For Redesign tickets, if SSDT requests a database backup in order to assist in troubleshooting an issue, a step-by-step guide to creating the backup is provided here.  Next, send the backup via the Securely Send Files to SSDT process.
    • For Classic tickets, the OECN_SSDT accounts will still be used to copy Classic data that the SSDT can then retrieve.

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  1. We have a district running parallels which has entered a credit memo on a previously paid PO for a memo vendor, that will result in a negative memo check. The user is able to accomplish this in USAS. But, in USAS-R, when attempting to post the payable, she received the following error in red: "Attempting to create Disbursement with negative amount -79.00. Negative remaining balance for cash account 200-9006: -1063.71."
    There is no option available to continue to print anyway. The user has the USAS_Manager role. The periods February & March are open (the invoice has a Feb date).
    I asked her to delete the invoice and re-enter while I watched. She verified that the PO was currently in partial payment status and then correctly entered the credit memo invoice. The only warning or error she received during the process was upon posting in Payables.

    1. I have created a ticket on the service desk and attached a screenshot of error.