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The SSDT is interested in feedback regarding the Redesign applications in whatever form you provide it.  However, you can help us by following a few guidelines:

  • Be as detailed as possible. For example:
    • The name of the option you are having problems with
    • The name of a Classic program or feature you can not find a replacement for
  • If reporting a bug, please describe the steps to reproduce the problem, if possible
  • Include a "screen shot" or a complete "stack dump" if applicable.

You can deliver your feedback in one of the following ways:

  • Create an issue in the USAS-R Feedback Project. If you use this method, please restrict yourself to a single item (e.g. one report, or one bug, etc). If you have a list of issues, please use email instead.
  • Contact your ITC and ask them to forward your suggestion
  • Send email to

More Information

For more information regarding the current status of the Redesign projects and how to participate, please see:


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