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Email your Redesign questions to the SSDT Service Desk email:   

Email your Classic questions to the SSDT Classic Service Desk email:  

When emailing either Service Desk, we recommend, in the  ‘subject line’, to indicate if the request is USAS or USPS related but keep it short and choose your wording wisely. When you are searching requests, it's based off of the information entered in the "subject'.  Please enter the details of your question in the description area.

Redesign Email Example


If you have an existing JIRA Account, you may access the JIRA service desk portal in order to track your outstanding requests and/or look up requests (outstanding or completed) that you or anyone in your organization has posted.

If you do not have an existing JIRA account, an account will automatically be created for you when you email your first request.  You will receive an email (example below) prompting you to activate your account by clicking on the link provided:

The link will take you to another screen prompting you to enter a new password for your JIRA account. 

Your username will default to your email address.  Enter your ‘Full Name’ and checkmark ‘show password’ in order to see the default password. We recommend overwriting the existing password with a password of your choosing.  Next, click on ‘save and continue’ which automatically directs you to the SSDT Service Desk Portal.  For more information on the SSDT Service Desk portal, click here.

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