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V2.0.4 of the USPS SOAP SIF Agent is required for FY18 EMIS reporting.  The installation of this version needs to be coordinated with the installation of the October 2017 State Software release of USPS and version 10 of the USPS SOAP service. 

V2.0.3 of the USPS SOAP SIF will work properly with USPS data files that have had the USPS1710 conversion program ran against them.  However, the new principal years of experience element will not be reported through a SIF collection until such time that v2.0.4 of the USPS SIF agent is installed.  


  • Allows for reporting of Principal Experience Years, CI330
  • Allows the SOAP connection to be defined at the Zone level
    This functionality will be utilized with USxS-R.  More information pertaining to this will be disseminated at a later date. 

    For now, continue using Global Agent Settings, for setting your SOAP Connection information.

    You will need to supply the SOAP connection information in the 'Default Zone Settings'.  Once this is populated, the Soap Connection under 'Application Settings' will default to the values entered for the 'Default Zone Settings'.  If the SOAP Connection in the 'Default Zone Settings' is left empty, it will wipe out any values in the 'Application Settings' soap connection leaving you with no SOAP endpoint connection.

USPS-R SIF Integration

Information on configuring a SOAP Connection at the Zone level for use with USPS-R may be found in Configuring SOAP Service with USxS-R, referring to the EMIS SIF Integration section.

Known Problems




USPS Release - October 2017

The USPS October 2017 release needs to be installed on your VMS system prior to installation of v2.0.4 of the USPS SOAP SIF Agent.

Version 1.11.0 of the USPS SOAP allows for handling of the new Principal Experience Years.  This new field will not be included in EMIS-R Staff SIF collections until version 1.11.0 of the USPS SOAP service is installed and pointed to as your SOAP connection endpoint in the USPS SIF Agent configuration.  See information above about updating the SOAP Connection endpoint through the agent console.

It is strongly recommended that this release be installed into an empty directory. Failure to install in a fresh directory may cause older copies of the agent to be used leading to unpredictable results.

You may copy the agent.cfg and Agent.ks file from the previous installation directory. The agent will automatically upgrade the configuration file to the current version.

The basic installation process is:

  • Download the zip file containing the agent
  • Create an empty directory (e.g. SIFAgents/usps-sif-agent-2-0-4)
  • If you wish to preserve a previous agent configuration, copy the agent.cfg from the previous installation directory
  • For those not using a shared keystore, copy the agent.ks and  Trusted.ks from the previous installation directory (refer to Configuring Agent SSL keys)
  • Once the agent is installed, run the agent console and set the SOAP Connection information using the 'Default Zone Settings' from 'Global Agent Settings' (see details above)

Detailed Install Guide

USAS and USPS Agent Installation and Configuration Guide.

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