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  • USAS SOAP SIF Agent v2.0.5
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V2.0.5 of the USAS SOAP SIF Agent is required if your site has any districts that have migrated to USAS-R.  The updated SIF Agent will allow for a SOAP endpoint to be configured at the zone (district) level.

V2.0.4 of the USAS SOAP SIF will still work properly and may continue to be used if there are no districts using USAS-R at your site.


  • Allows the SOAP connection to be defined at the Zone level.  This functionality will be utilized with USAS-R.

USAS-R Version

For those districts using USAS-R, version 7.5.0 or higher will be required to allow for EMIS-R SIF collections.

Default SOAP Connection

It is recommended that the VMS SOAP endpoint be used for the 'Default Zone Settings'.  This will allow those districts that have not migrated to USAS-R to continue to collect properly using the VMS SOAP endpoint.  

From the agent console File menu drop down, select Agent Settings

Select 'SOAP Connection' under 'Default Zone Settings' on the left.
Populate the SOAP URL and username password fields with the information that has been used for the VMS based SIF collections. 
Once this is populated, the Soap Connection under 'Application Settings' will default to the values entered in 'Default Zone Settings'.  If the SOAP Connection in the 'Default Zone Settings' is left empty, it will wipe out any values in the 'Application Settings' soap connection leaving you with no SOAP endpoint connection.

Detailed information on the Legacy SIF Integration setup may be found here.

Zone SOAP Connection

For any district using USAS-R, it will be necessary to specify the SOAP Connection at the zone level.  Information on updating the Zone settings for the district specific SOAP connection may be found in the EMIS SIF Integration section of Configuring SOAP Service with USxS-R.



It is strongly recommended that this release be installed into an empty directory. Failure to install into a fresh directory may cause older copies of the agent to be used leading to unpredictable results.

You may copy the agent.cfg file from the previous installation. The agent will automatically upgrade the configuration file to the current version.  

The basic installation process is:

  • Create an empty directory (e.g. SIFAgents/usas-sif-2-0-5)
  • Download the zip file containing the agent and unzip into the newly created directory
  • If you wish to preserve a previous agent configuration, copy the agent.cfg  from the previous installation directory
  • For those not using a shared keystore, copy the agent.ks and Trusted.ks from the previous installation directory (refer to Configuring Agent SSL keys)
  • Once the agent is installed, run the agent console and set the default SOAP Connection using the information provided above

Detailed Install Guide

USAS and USPS Agent Installation and Configuration Guide.

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