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The steps to install the USAS and/or USPS SIF Agent on a Windows server are described in this chapter.  It may be necessary to run some of the steps "As Administrator".

The Ohio SOAP USAS and USPS Agents will be shipped as separate zip files.  When the files are extracted, they should be placed in a separate folder for each agent and version. It is also recommended that the Agent(s) be installed as a Windows Service.


  • If a previous version of the Agent is running, stop the current running Agent prior to completing the installation steps
  • If the previous version of the Agent was installed as a Windows Service, uninstall the Service
    • The service name may be found by double clicking on the Service in "Services" and look at "Service Name"

      sc delete {servicename}
  • SSDT recommends you install into a clean directory for each version of the Agent. Installing into a clean directory ensures that obsolete files do not remain from a prior version and allow you to revert to an earlier version if necessary.

Download and Unpack the Kit

  1. Create a directory to contain the new USAS or USPS agent using a pattern such as USxS-SIF-n-n-n. It is common practice to place the version specific agent directory inside a directory named /SIFAgents.  For example: C:\SIFAgents\usps-sif-2-0-2
  2. Download the kit from SSDT download web site (as described in the Release page) and place it in the new directory
  3. Unzip the kit
  4. If upgrading from a previous version, copy the agent.cfg file from the previous install directory into the new directory. This will preserve zone and SOAP settings from the earlier configuration.
  5. It is recommended that a shared keystore (Configuring Agent SSL keys) be used. If a shared keystore has not been setup, it will also be necessary to copy the Trusted.ks and agent.ks files from the previous install directory into the new directory.
  6. From a command prompt, launch the agent standalone:

    > cd C:\SIFAgents\{installdirectory}
    > java -jar RunAgentStandalone.jar
  7. If the agent starts without error, press CTRL-C to terminate the agent
  8. Install the agent as a service, type the following in a command line prompt:

    > USPS.exe --install
    > USAS.exe --install

Running the Agent Console GUI

The SIF agents include a graphical management agent for configuring the agent and defining zones. The Agent Console does not run automatically in the background and does not need to be running for the Agent to function.

To execute the Agent Console, do:

$ cd C:\SIFAgents\{agent_install}
$ java -jar RunConsole.jar

Once started, the Agent Console's icon will appear in the Windows icon tray.

Alternatively, the Agent Console may be installed on a Windows workstation and used to connect to the remotely to the agent.

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  1. Unknown User (wroot)

    A big "Thank You" goes out to Wes Caudill at SWOCA who took the time to document all of his steps while performing an Agent update on their Windows Server. Using his notes, we have fine tuned these installation instructions.