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  • Installing the Correct Java Version
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First, make sure you have the version of Java that you will need. To find out what version of Java is currently installed, enter:

> java -version

The Agent will run using the 32 bit version of Java 6, 7 and 8.   We have found that in some cases the ciphers on the SSL are not compatible with Java 6.  Updating to Java 7 may resolve SSL handshake errors that may be occurring.

If you have the correct version of Java, please skip to the next section.

Otherwise visit Oracle Java SE Downloads to locate and install the appropriate version for your platform.

Java 8

It was found that the most current version of Java 8 on the SIF Agent server caused an incompatibility issue with the ZIS, with the ZIS being on another server running Java 7. The ZIS would not communicate with the SIF Agent. Installing Java 8 update 152 resolve this issue.

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