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The SSDT Utils packages is a special docker images which contains template, scripts, etc to assist ITC's in configuring and running SSDT images.  

Articles throughout this wiki assume that you have the SSDT Utils packages installed at /ssdt

The files inside the /ssdt path are considered to be owned the the SSDT. Any modifications made locally to these files will be reverted on the next update.

Bootstrap utils on new host

To initially install the utilities, do the following:

  1. On your docker host, type: 

    docker run -it -v /ssdt:/ssdt --rm update
  2. Execute the following command to make the utils active for the current process: 

    source /ssdt/
  3. Add the above command to your ~/.bashrc script, or to make the utils available to all users on the host, do: 

    ln -s /ssdt/ /etc/profile.d/

Update utils

The SSDT will periodically publish updates to the SSDT Utils.  

  1. To ensure you have the current version of the utilities, do: