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Note that profiles for users in the system need to be created regardless of the auth-n source, including granting the user roles. The usernames should be set to mach the users' ADS usernames. To allow users to work in the system before ADS is working, you will just need to enter manual passwords for now.  When ADS starts working, it will start to use the ADS password.

For more information about an authentication event, go to System → Monitor → Events and select "Authentication Events".  Click on the failure event to see details.  This should give an indication of why the failure occurred.  It will resemble this:


For further debugging, logging levels can be modified.  Go to System → Monitor → Logging.  Change the level to "Debug" for specific loggers to write more information into the log.

Logging enabled via the Monitor page will remain active until the next application restart.  To make the logging settings persist across restarts add these environment variables to the docker-compose.override.yml:

  - LOGBACK_A1=org.ssdt_ohio.authnz
  -  # for ldap troubleshooting

To send logs to the SSDT, go to Help → About, scroll to the bottom, and select "Send Server Log" .  Notify the SSDT when a log has been sent.

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