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This page contains information regarding the March 2011 Release of State Software.

Documentation No Longer Included in the release

As announced previously, nearly all OECN Software Documentation has been converted to the SSDT Confluence Wiki. The documentation for each package is in it's own "Wiki Space" and can be searched individually or across the entire site.

Therefore, the PS and LN03 documentation is no longer provided in the release kits. For this release, release notes will still be included on the release and available as PDF.

OECN Package Release

EMIS Release

EMIS is not included in this release. Sites which only use EMIS are not required to install this release.

USPS Release

File Initialization Required

There are two initialization programs that must be executed immediately following the installation of the March 2011 USPS42 release and before any processing by districts is done. These initialization programs are named: USPS1103.EXE and USPS1103A.EXE. Corresponding .COM programs have been provided for each to facilitate batch submission. These two initialization programs are independent of each other and so can be ran in any order. For details concerning what each program does please reference the March 2011 USPS42 release notes.


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