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ITC's can follow these steps to create and run the initialization program.  This must be run after the release has been installed by the ITC.

Create .com Procedure

Create a .com procedure in your top level directory in Reflections and call it SUBMIT_2012.COM.  It will look similar to the following:


You will create one line for each district. (The above code shows 2 districts).

Field explanation:

The user is usually the Treasurers who have data files.

Next is the date and time you want this to run.  In this example, it is set to run December 10, 2020 at 5:00 a.m.

The next line says that this procedure will run the USPS2012.COM procedure from the OECN$PAY_42 directory.

Any district that may need to use Classic EVER in the future will need to be updated.

Submit procedure

Once you are satisfied with the procedure, do the following

  1. PRIV ALL  or if this doesn't work for you try SET PROC/PRIV=ALL
  2. @SUBMIT_2012.COM

This puts it in the batch queue SYS$BATCH and will run it at the time designated.

Tell districts not to do anything until you can check their district.

Check Results

Check for USPS2012.LOG

Go into each district's directory and look for the log.

If it is there, make sure it has successfully completed. If it shows the procedure failed or you cannot find the log, you can either

  • Go to the directory where the district files are and run USPS2012 from the menu
  • Modify the SUBMIT_2012.COM procedure, changing the date/time and remove users for districts that were successful.
    • This will cause it to run for those that were unsuccessful.

Check for the new fields

Go to each district and make sure the new fields are there and have no values.

December 2020 Release change:

MENU/USPSCN/DEDSCN 001 Federal record should have fields on upper right corner called COVID 1, COVID 2 & COVID 3.  These fields should be blank (zeroes will not show).

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