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The SSDT Public Wiki is intended for users and support staff of OECN State Software developed by the SSDT.


The SSDT uses Confluence from Atlassian for managing it's Wiki content.  The Wiki is organized into "Spaces" which are major topic areas which are administered separately.  Most spaces in the SSDT Wiki are publicly viewable while others are internal spaces for use by the SSDT and other projects.  The "top level space" is the "SSDT Public Wiki" which contains general information which does not fit clearly into another space.  Other spaces in the wiki include:

  • Documentation (User and Reference for SSDT software products)
  • Project Spaces related to specific projects
  • SSDT Developer Spaces (General and Team spaces)
  • Personal Spaces for individual SSDT members

If you sign up for a wiki username will be granted commenting and editing permissions in the Public Wiki and certain project pages.  If you are interested in participating in other Spaces, please contact us at the address below.


If you wish to participate in developing the Wiki content, contact the SSDT for a wiki account.  You will be granted commenting and edit rights to the "Public Wiki" space and some other portions of the Wiki.  However, access to the rest of the Spaces will be limited to read access.  If you wish to have edit rights in other portions of the wiki (e.g. you'd like to assist updating Documentation spaces), include who you are  and how you intend to participate when you contact the SSDT.  Accounts will be granted to any OECN ITC, ODE and school district personnel, as well as other groups or organizations which collaborate with the SSDT or OECN on projects.

After you have an account, there are two ways to participate in the Wiki:

  • Edit existing pages to add, update or improve the existing content, or add brand new pages.
  • Write "Comments" to ask questions or suggest improvements in to the existing pages.

The Wiki will be moderated by SSDT staff. Only material related to the OECN and OECN State Software will be permitted. The SSDT reserves the right to remove or modify inaccurate or misleading information.

SSDT Staff Directory

Please click here to print a complete listing of current SSDT staff members.

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  1. We are interested in participating in the testing of the USASr.  We have printed out Milestone 3.  I have a general question prior to downloading the Distribution Kit.

    When attempting to install the release, will this have an inverse impact on our existing usasweb applications for our districts?  Are there any issues prior to installation that we should be aware of?

    1. Matt:

      The USAS-R milestone releases are standalone executables intended for temporary deployments for testing purposes.  They are not intended for static sever deployments.   So you can just download and run them on a workstation (assuming Java is installed and a decent amount of memory available).

      The application should co-exist fine on a server running production USAS web (assuming port 8000 is free). But I would not install it on a production server.  Just run it locally and ^C it when your done.