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  • QUEJOBS - Viewing and Managing Queued Jobs
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The QUEJOBS utility enables you to see the status of the jobs that you have submitted to a batch queue. This utility will show a list of all the queued batch and print jobs which you currently have on the system.

There are two methods to access the QUEJOBS utility:

  1. Type QUEJOBS at any MENU> prompt
  2. While inside any screen formatted program press the [DO] key and choose the "QUEUED JOBS" option.

You will be shown a list of jobs which have been submitted to the batch and print queues along with their current status. The "Refresh Display" option refreshes the information on the screen, updating any changes that may occur while in the utility. This can be done by pressing [RETURN] with the cursor on this option.

If you select one of the jobs and press [RETURN], more detailed information about the job will be displayed on your screen. Depending on the current status of the job, you will have the following choices for modifying the job:


Delete the job from the batch queue. This will cancel the job and it will not be executed.


Place the job "On Hold", this will hold the job until you "Release" it. This is useful if you decide that you don't really want the job to run at the present time.


If you placed the job on hold earlier, this option will release it. If the job was submitted to run at a later time, then choosing this option will release it for immediate execution.

Note that you will not always see all of these options. For instance, if the job status is already "executing" then you can not place it on hold or delete it.

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