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The Tuition application is to be used by EMIS reporting entities as means to verify tuition information/payments.  This includes payments being paid by the LEA and those being received by the LEA.  EMIS reporting entities, ITC staff and ODE personnel have access to the Tuition application.

The Tuition data within ODDEX is populated into the application with the data submitted to ODE as part of the Student (S) Collection Requests; Beginning of Year Student Collection, Midyear Student Collection, End of Year Student Collection, SOES Beginning of Year Student Collection and SOES End of Year Student Collection.  The Tuition data is not populated using the Student Cross Reference (S) Collection data submitted to SSDT.

Users may gain access to the Tuition application within ODDEX by using the Tuition application link on the navigation bar or by clicking on one of the blue hyperlinks within the landing page's Tuition Summary areas.  See Landing Page for details on its use. 

If a user account has access to more than one district, select the district from the drop down in the navigation bar.

Users will want to select the year of the data they wish to view from the drop down in the navigation bar.

The Tuition application area has two options from the navigation bar, Resident/Paying and Educating/Receiving.  To view those students for which the LEA is to receive tuition payments, select the Educating/Receiving option from the drop down menu in the navigation bar.  To see those students for which the LEA pays tuition to another LEA, select the Resident/Paying option.

Each of these Tuition menu options will be discussed in their own pages.

Resident/Paying view
Educating/Receiving view
Escalation to ODE