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The SOES application is used by community schools, STEM schools and resident districts for determination of student enrollment and residency.  This system allows resident districts to review the residency of students being reported by community and STEM schools and determine whether the student is truly a resident of their district and approve or set contention flags.  The application allows the charter and STEM districts to view resident district comments and flagging values.  In addition, if there is ODE involvement for a particular student, that also is visible to all districts associated with the student SSID.  Both the educating and resident district will have the ability to upload supporting documents pertaining to the residency of a student.

Users may gain access to the SOES application within ODDEX by using the SOES application link on the navigation bar or by clicking on one of the blue hyperlinks within the landing page.  See Landing Page for details on its use.

The view of the data within this application is dependent on whether you have authorized access to a community school or a resident district along with access roles. For those with access to a community school or a sponsor of a community school, there will also be a Calendar option from the SOES navigation bar drop down.

Resident District View
Resident District Reports
Community School View