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Access to the ODDEX application is granted by a district's OEDS Administrator.  Using roles available from OEDS, an individual with an OH|ID account could be granted access to this application and its areas.  One individual may have a single OEDS role for these applications, or they may have multiple roles.  The number of roles and the number of LEAs they may have access to is determined at the district level.

ITC personnel also are granted access to this application through OEDS roles. The OEDS Administrator for each ITC will grant the necessary roles.

Access to the ODDEX application is through the OH|ID Portal.

Modules within ODDEX

  • SOES
    • Calendars
  • SCR
  • SCM
    • Claimed by My IRN
    • Claimed by Other IRNs
  • Records
    • Special Education Extension
    • Assessments Extension
    • Grad Cohort Extension
  • CCP
    • Students
    • Agreements
  • Tuition
    • Resident/Paying
    • Educating/Receiving

Most data viewable from these application areas is submitted to ODE or SSDT; referred to as Report Authorities, using the EMIS-R Data Collector.  This data is processed by the manifests or collection requests in EMIS-R and sent to the appropriate Report Authority.  Once received at the Report Authority, the data is processed and made available in the ODDEX applications.  All submitted data is read-only with the exception of specific data within the Tuition module.  Updates are not allowed to any other submitted data.  Updates needed to the non-modifiable data, must be processed back through EMIS-R and the Data Collector.

Data submitted to these applications is never deleted.  Only new data is added or updates made to existing data.  Updates to data are only made by completing a new submission through the Data Collector.   The data as submitted each school year will remain within the application for historical purposes.  Functionality within the application will default to the current school year for SOES and SCR, but will allow selection of data for other years.  Records will include all data available for a student with restrictions, and allowances for narrowing data to a single year.  See the Records section of this documentation for additional details.

The ODDEX application has a pre-determined time-out of 30 minutes.  When inactivity exceeds that 30 minute window, the user's session is terminated.

Navigation Bar

  • Home - Returns user to Landing Page
  • SOES - School Options Enrollment System, this is a drop down menu allowing for selection of Enrollments or Calendars.
    • Enrollments as reported by Community Schools
    • Only Community School entities and their sponsors will have the Calendar option, Community School sponsors may review (approve/reject) calendars.
  • SCR - Student Cross-Reference application area
  • SCM - Student Claiming Module
  • Records - Historical student cross reference information, this is a drop down menu that allows for selection of Single Student or Bulk Export
    • Includes Special Education, Assessment and Grad Cohort data
  • CCP - College Credit Plus application area, this is a drop down menu allowing selection of Students or Agreements
  • Tuition - Tuition application area, this is a drop down menu allowing selection of Resident/Paying or Educating/Receiving
  • Global SSID Search - SSID query across all student based modules, for all years of data
  • Setup - This is a drop down menu containing
    • Users - Edit and view of district user information
    • Agencies - Edit and view of district level information
  • ODDEX Help - Opens a new browser window for the ODDEX documentation
  • Logout - Logs the user out of ODDEX

Once in an application area, an additional navigation bar will be seen below the primary navigation bar allowing the user to select the district and year for the data they wish to view.

  • District drop down - If user has roles to access multiple entities, choose one to narrow data set.  If user has access to more than one, the first alphabetically will appear.
  • Year drop down - The default year is based upon the year being used for the Landing page.  Generally this is the current school year.  However, this may be the prior year when it is the start of a new school year and EMIS  reporting is ongoing for the prior year.  A notice is shown in ODDEX when the landing page year is updated for a new school year. 

If a user account has access to more than one district, select the district from the drop down in the navigation bar. For historical purposes, districts that are closed may be listed in the drop down.

Users will want to select the year of the data they wish to view from the drop down in the navigation bar.

Global Find by SSID

This option is located within the Navigation bar and is an SSID query across all student based modules, for all years of data.  When entering an SSID, the selection of records returned by the global find is determined by the reporting link a district has to that SSID.   A user only has access to an SSID they have a reporting link to.   If a user has access to multiple reporting districts, data related to all these reporting districts will be included in the results.  Once a grid listing the records is returned, the appropriate links can be selected and the records are viewable within that application of ODDEX.

In addition to the ODDEX Help link from the navigation bar, there will be help links found throughout the application.  The ODDEX Help link from the navigation bar will open a new browser window/tab opening to the main page of the ODDEX documentation.  From there the user may navigate the documentation using the page tree on the left hand side.

The help links found within the various modules of the application will open the documentation in a new browser window/tab to the information that applies to that area/module of the application.

Query Help

Using the help link from the query area will open the documentation to the Find/Export information for the specific module being used.

Detail View Help

The help link from the detail view popup or page will open the documentation to information specific to the detail view for that module.

Review Help

The help link from the review page will open the documentation to the information specific to reviews for that module.

Mobile Devices

The ODDEX application is mobile friendly and will function on most mobile devices.

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