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From the ODDEX Navigation Bar, the user will select the History.

Users with access to the Student Cross Reference (SCR) application within ODDEX will also have access to the History application.

The History application is a tool districts may use to see a students past enrollments, assessments and special Education.  This will be useful in knowing what entities may need to be contacted for various records requests.  In addition, if the student has withdrawn from an entity, the district they began attending next will also be visible.  Beyond the one enrollment, History does not allow a district to view where a student is attending.   Only SSIDs that a district has reported in SCR will be viewable by that district. A district is unable to see any student they have not reported to this application.   Data from school year 2009 to present is loaded in the application.  Keep in mind this older data will include only an SSID, no student names.  History data beginning with 2014-2015 will include student names.

Districts will have the ability to use the various find options.   The find selections from the primary History screen are all at the student level.  The query options are

  • Last name
  • First Name
  • SSID
  • Gender
  • Admitted Since
  • Only students with Special Education data

Using the Clear link resets all of the query filters to empty resulting in all students for the selected year being returned.

When selected the Admitted Since, users can either enter a date in mm/dd/yyyy format or use the date picker, by clicking on the .  The selection of records will be any student with an educating record on or after the date entered.

If a record submitted for a student becomes inactive, possibly due to an 81 EMIS withdrawn reason, these inactive records will not be available to the district for viewing.

The find box can be collapsed by clicking on the lower left corner icon .

If a user account has access to more than one district, select the district from the drop down in the navigation bar. For historical purposes, districts that are closed may be included in the drop down.

Users will want to select the year of the data they wish to view from the drop down in the navigation bar.

Summary Listing

Data will be listed in a summary format by SSID with the most recent first.  Clicking on the SSID will list the detail for the SSID for each year on record.

Columns in the grid whose headings are blue and contain are sortable.  The column heading acts as a toggle allowing the data to be sorted in ascending or descending order by repeatedly clicking on the column heading.


Tabs Within History

After clicking on an SSID from the History summary listing, a page will be displayed showing the history detail for the student.  Additional tabs may be available to show additional information about the student such as assessment data and special education events.  The tabs available are based upon data available for the student and the users access to the data. 

Assessment Tab

Special Education Tab

History Detail

The history data is divided into basic demographic data, resident data and data pertaining to where the student attended classes. Each entity reporting data is encased in a blue box.   Districts may have to use the scroll bar to see all data.

By clicking on the printer icon Printer icon, a PDF screen print of the data will be created.




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