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The Assessments tab will be available if the student has had any assessment data reported in the current or prior years.  Not all users with access to the Records module will have access to the Assessment data.  Access to the Assessment data is determined by the users SAFE roles.

Using the latest enrollment dates for the student as reported by the selected LEA, any assessment data prior to and up to the latest enrollment date for the student will be displayed.  This includes assessment data that may have been reported by another LEA.

By clicking on the printer icon the user will be able to print the results shown in the summary listing.


The assessment data may be filtered using the various query options. The Clear button will reset all the filter options to an empty state, resulting in all assessments for the student being returned.

Assessment Type allows for selection of a specific assessment type.  This includes assessments that may have been given in the past and are no longer assessed.  The drop down list includes all available assessment types, past and present.

Subject allows for selection based on a subject area.  The list of available subjects will include all available subject areas for all assessment types, past and present.  Care will need to be taken to select the appropriate subject area based on the assessment type being targeted.  For example, there are several math related subject areas

'M' is valid for many of the assessment types; AC, GA, GD, GN, GO, GX, SA and WK whereas 'MTH1' and 'MTH2' are valid for the GE assessment type only.
If 'GX' was selected for the assessment type and 'MTH1' was selected for the subject, this would result in nothing being found as there will never be an MTH1 subject area for a GX (OGT) assessment type.
The subject filter may be used standalone.  For example, selecting 'M' for Math, leaving the other filter options clear would query for any assessment type with a subject area of 'M'.

Test Grade Level allows for selection by test grade level.  The list includes all possible testing grade levels.

Assessment Group allows for selection of assessments based on a grouping category.  Available options are:

  • Graduation Tests = AC, AP, GE, GW, GX, IB, SA, and WK assessment types
  • Other Tests = All other assessment types not listed above for Graduation

Export Options

Using the Export button, the user has the ability to export all data included in the current Find selections. The data is exported in a TAB delimited format that may be saved and imported into a spreadsheet.  When importing a TAB delimited file into a spreadsheet, be certain to select the appropriate delimiter.

Using the FF Export button, the user has the ability to export all data in the current find selections into a Flat File format.  This format is compatible with the EMIS-R data collector.  When the FF Export button is clicked, a popup window will appear prompting for the local student ID.  If a value is entered, it will be used for the Student ID, element FA050, in positions 23-31 of the extract file.  If a value is not entered, the SSID will be used in position 23-31 of the extract file.   

The local student ID in use by the district's student data source system should be entered.  If the source system has leading zeroes or spaces in the local ID, they must be accounted for when entering the local ID into the prompt field.  If only five characters are entered into the local id prompt, this will result in the five character value with four trailing spaces in positions 23-31 of the extract file, ie 'ABCDE    '.  If more than nine characters are entered into the prompt, anything after the ninth character will be ignored. 

Clicking on the Export button from the Local ID popup prompt will generate the flat file extract.  Depending on the browser used and settings within the browser determines if the user will be prompted where to save the file and the filename to be used.  The extract file name will be defaulted to FA-xxxxxx-yyyymmddhhmmss.txt where 'xxxxxx' is the selected agency IRN.  Clicking on Cancel will cancel the export with no file being generated and return to the Assessment summary listing. 

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