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The Agency data is equivalent to the district level information.  Included in this information are the following:

  • District Name
  • District Type
  • Status
  • District contact information
  • Service provider (ITC)

Only the contact information for an Agency can be changed within this application.  The other elements are populated from the district OEDS data.

To access the Agency data, click on the Agencies link from the navigation bar.  All entities will appear in the summary list. 

Agency List


Columns in the grid whose headings are blue and contain are sortable.  The column heading acts as a toggle allowing the data to be sorted in ascending or descending order by repeatedly clicking on the column heading.

Specific data can be located by entering criteria in the 'Find' boxes at the top and then clicking on the Find button button.  The Clear link allows one to clear all the criteria entered in the 'Find' boxes.

If your user account has edit access to the agency data, a pencil icon will appear in the left most column. Edit access will be granted using SAFE role assignments.  In the example above, this user has edit access to 2 of the 3 agencies.


Agency Details

By clicking on the IRN from the grid List, users will see a popup window containing the details for that agency.  This provides a detail listing of the contact information about a district.

Edit Agency

Users with edit access to Agency information will have a pencil Pencil edit icon icon in the listing grid.  Clicking on the pencil icon will allow the Agency information to be updated.  Any data entered is visible to all ODDEX users.

As an administrator for this application, the contact information for your agency should be completed.  This information is used in the district level pop-ups the application provides.  This data is used to assist other districts in contacting your district.  The contact detail should be accurate and updated if personnel change.

Secondary Contact Information 

The secondary contact information should be completed if your district prefers other districts contact a single person or office.  An example of this would be for central registration, with central registration handling all inquiries.  The contact information for that office would be entered in the secondary contact fields, otherwise leave blank.  This detail is then used in the pop-up windows within SOES and SCR in place of the contact detail for the individual.  The secondary contact information at the Agency level takes precedence over the individual user contact information in the contact pop-ups. 


Clicking on the email link, will open up a default mail application so email can be sent the district contact.

Contact Phone

If you are using a mobile device or a device configured with a phone application, clicking on the phone number link will launch your device's phone application.


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