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Intended Audience

This information is intended for ITC personnel. Only ITC personnel have the ability to add, create and update user accounts within EMISFFE.


Beginning with EMISFFE Version 2.1-0, authentication to the EMISFFE application is being handled locally within the application. Prior to version 2.1-0, users were required to have an IdM account with the LEA_Editor role. Users that have existing IdM accounts with the LEA_Editor role will be able to log into the new version of EMISFFE using their IdM credentials. Upon log in the first time, the users IdM account will be used to create a local account within EMISFFE. When a local account is created from an IdM account, it is added with only the User role, even if the user is an ITC user.  You may refer to the Transitioning from IdM page for further details on the transition from IdM to local authentication.

Users that have been granted the ITC role will have the ability to maintain their users accounts. This includes the ability to assign which districts the user has access to as well as adding/updating/deleting user accounts. User management will be done within EMISFFE.

Forgot Password ability has been implemented allowing a user to reset their own password. When the user selects the Forgot Password link, they will be sent an email by the EMISFFE application. The email will include a special link allowing the user to reset their password.

User Setup Menu

Deleting/Disabling User Access

ITC's are responsible for disabling/deleting user accounts as needed for changes in personnel at both the member district level and changes within their own ITC.  A user account may be deleted without any repercussions.  If an employee has left, the EMISFFE user account for that employee may be deleted or marked as disabled (uncheck enabled, mark expired).  


An ITC user will have a button at the top of the main EMISFFE page (after log in) allowing them to access User Setup.

From the User Setup, the ITC user will have the ability to Search for a User, List all users, and Create a User.

User Search

The 'Search' screen is the default screen for User Setup. This provides the ability to find users by Username. A partial username may be entered for searching, any matching results will be returned in a list.

User List

When selecting the List option from the User drop-down, all users that are tied to the ITC user's ITC will be displayed in the listing. If the Search was used, any matching Users found within the ITC user's ITC will be displayed in the listing. In the example shown here, the ITC user is assigned to ITC '888888', only Users associated with that ITC are seen in the listing. ITC users will be able to manage other ITC user accounts within their own ITC.

User Create 

To create a user, the ITC user must supply values for:

  • Username
    • The username is not required to be an email address, however, accounts that were created from IdM will have email addresses for the Username.  Each ITC may decide their own convention for assigning usernames.
    • Usernames must be unique across the entire EMISFFE usage base
      • If ITC-A creates a user account with the username "candyman", then ITC-B attempts to create a user account with same username, ITC-B will receive an error stating that the username must be unique.
    • Usernames are case sensitive. Both the username and password are case sensitive for authentication into EMISFFE. 
  • Password
    • Passwords must be between 8-25 characters in length
    • Must contain at least 1 digit

      New User Password

      When creating a new User account, by default, the 'Password Expired' box is checked.
      ITC's should NOT supply the User with the password they assigned while creating the account. Instead, the ITC should inform the User what Username they were assigned. Then instruct the user to use the 'Forgot Password' link on the Log In page to set their own password for their account.

  • Email
    • Must contain a valid email address
    • This will be used as part of the 'Forgot Password' process.  If the email address is not accurate, the user will not be able to reset their own password.

User Details - Tab 1

There are 3 Tabs that pertain to User account.  Shown here is the 'User Details' tab which is the first tab.   

  • Enabled - This is checked by default when creating a new user.  If an account is not enabled, they will be unable to log into the EMISFFE application
    An ITC may wish to uncheck this box to prevent a user from accessing EMISFFE without completely deleting the User account.  This may be useful if they believe the User will need access again at a later date. 
  • Account Expired - Provides another manner of disabling a user account.  If this box is checked, the user is unable to log into the application.
  • Password Expired - This is checked by default, refer to the Note above.  If this box is checked, the user will be unable to log into the application until their password is reset. The user should use the Forgot Password link on the Log In page to reset their password. 
  • ITC - This field is protected.  The ITC is automatically assigned for the User account based on the ITC user's ITC setting.  ITC users may only add User accounts for User's within their ITC.  If there is a User who works with multiple districts represented by different ITC's, that user will be required to have an account for each ITC they work with.  An example of this is management companies contracted by charter schools to handle their EMIS data reporting.

Roles - Tab 2

  • End users should have only the ROLE_USER box checked.
  • ROLE_ITC allows the user to manage user accounts.  This role is only to be granted to ITC personnel.
    An ITC user may have both the ROLE_USER and ROLE_ITC boxes checked.  However, if an ITC user has just the ROLE_ITC box checked, the ITC user will still be able to select a District and update information within EMISFFE for the district.

    ITC Role

    ITC employees do not have to be granted the ITC role in order to access their member districts data. The User role, along with "Granted" districts from Tab 3 will allow access to district data within EMISFFE for ITC personnel. Only those ITC employees that should have the ability to update User accounts for EMISFFE purposes should be granted the ITC role.


Districts - Tab 3

The Districts tab is where a User is granted access to a particular district. Every district that is a member of the ITC user's ITC will be shown in the available box. Clicking on a district in the 'Available' box moves it to the 'Granted' box.  If creating an account for an ITC user, you may want to use to double arrow button at the top of the box which will move all districts.  To remove district access, click on the district name in the 'Granted' column and it will be moved to the 'Available' column, thus revoking access to the district.  The double arrow button above the 'Granted' list may be used to remove access to all districts they had been granted access to.

  • If creating an account for an ITC user and you wish to grant them access to all your member districts:
    • Click on the first District in the Available box
    • Scroll down to the last district, then using Shift-Left mouse click, select all of the districts in the Available box
    • Click on Grant, all districts should be moved from the Available box to the Granted box  
  • If wanting to select multiple, but not all districts
    • Use Ctrl-Left mouse click to select each of the desired districts in the available box
    • Click the Grant button, the selected districts should be moved to the Granted box
    • Alternatively, you can select the districts one at a time, clicking on the Grant button after selecting each one.

User Edit/Delete

Select the appropriate user from the List by clicking on the Username link.


You will be taken to the Edit page where you also have the ability to Delete the User account using the Delete button at the bottom of the page.

Be sure to click on the 'Update' button after making your updates. You do not need to click 'Update' on each tab. Clicking on 'Update' will save the changes made on all the tabs.  

Users working across multiple ITC's

A user account is tied to a single ITC. The districts that may be tied to a users account must be member districts to that ITC.  Therefore, it is necessary for these users that work with multiple districts across more than one ITC to have more than one account in EMISFFE. The user will need to have an account for each ITC they work with through their various districts. The user will not be able to use the same username across the accounts. Each ITC will need to create an account with a unique username for the user.   

Users with multiple accounts

Allowing accounts to be transition from IdM into EMISFFE allowed for more than one account to be created in EMISFFE for a single user. EMISFFE's local authentication is case sensitive, both the username and password. IdM authentication of the username was not case sensitive. If a user logged into EMISFFE using varying case between log in's for their username, EMISFFE created a local user account for any combination used.  For example you might see something like this:

The duplicate accounts may be deleted by the ITC. By viewing the user accounts and comparing the "Last Login" date you can determine which account the user is logging into. 

With the release of EMISFFE version 2.2-0, IdM authentication was completely eliminated. This will eliminate the "automatic" creation of accounts with varying case for the username. 

District setups

ITC users do not have the ability to manage District information. The initial District information was loaded into EMISFFE using the latest OEDS-R information from ODE. If an ITC notices anything about a District setup that they feel is incorrect, a Cherwell request will need to be submitted to SSDT-EMIS explaining the update being requested. There are only three pieces of information stored in EMISFFE for Districts: District IRN, Name and ITC. 

ITC change for District

If a district elects to change ITC's, a Cherwell request will need to be submitted to SSDT-EMIS requesting a change in ITC for the district.

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