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  • Transition from IdM to Local Authentication
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Beginning with version 2.1-0 of EMISFFE, user accounts are going to be handled locally within the application. Prior to version 2.1-0, Users were required to have an IdM account with the LEA_Editor role. This page will detail how to transition from IdM accounts to local EMISFFE accounts.


IdM Authentication Removed

With version 2.2-0 of EMISFFE, IdM is no longer being used for any authentication within EMISFFE. For users to log into EMISFFE, they must have an account within EMISFFE.



Existing IdM Account

Users which have an existing IdM account with the LEA_Editor role will be able to log into version 2.1-0 of EMISFFE using their IdM credentials.  Upon successful log in, the first time, the Users IdM account will be used to create a local EMISFFE account.  The EMISFFE user account will be created assigning the User role.  

ITC Users

One user from each ITC will need to submit a Cherwell request to SSDT-EMIS after successfully logging into EMISFFE using IdM credentials. In the Cherwell request provide the Username for your account and that you are requesting the ITC role. Once SSDT has setup one user at the ITC with the ITC role, that ITC user may handle the task of updating their coworkers accounts to include the ITC role. Any user with the ITC role has the ability to update User accounts for users within their ITC.

Users working across multiple ITC's

Users who may currently have access to districts that span more than a single ITC through IdM will find that only a portion of their districts are available after first logging into version 2.1-0 of EMISFFE.  Only the districts that are tied to the ITC that the users IdM account was setup under will appear as "Granted" districts for the user.  The user will need to request a separate account be created for each ITC they may be working through.

A user account is tied to a single ITC.  The districts that may be tied to a users account must be member districts to that ITC.  Therefore, it is necessary for these users that work with multiple districts across more than one ITC to have more than one account in EMISFFE.           

No Existing IdM Account

Users that do not have an existing IdM account simply need to request an account be created for them in EMISFFE through their ITC.


There are some IdM user accounts that can not be converted to local EMISFFE accounts.  There may be more issues that what are listed here, but these are the known issues at this point that will prevent an account from being converted.  In these situations, the user will have to request their account be created through their ITC.  The ITC may create a local EMISFFE account for the user. There is no need for the ITC to report the IdM account issue to SSDT in these situations.  

  • Email address was not used for username in IdM
    • If a user's IdM account does not utilize a valid email address for the Username, the IdM account can not be converted to a local EMISFFE account.
    • Upon attempting to log into EMISFFE, the user will receive the following:

  • No valid assigned districts
    • If the IdM account does not have any valid assigned districts for the user, the account can not be converted.  The user will be issued an error like the one seen above.


The information for Districts was loaded into EMISFFE using the latest OEDS-R information from ODE. ITC users do not have the ability to update District information. If there is a discrepancy with the information being shown for a District, a Cherwell request will need to be submitted to SSDT-EMIS detailing the situation. There were several charter schools which still have not associated their district with an ITC in OEDS-R. These districts were unable to be loaded into EMISFFE. If you have a district that is not being seen in EMISFFE, verify that the district has updated OEDS-R for their ITC and submit a Cherwell request to add the district into EMISFFE. If a district changes ITC's, a Cherwell request will need to be submitted requesting the change be made in EMISFFE. The are only three pieces of information maintained in EMISFFE for Districts: District IRN, Name and ITC. 



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