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List View

The list view shows all of the records stored in the application listing 20 records at a time. Using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can skip to a specific page or use the Next and Previous page keys. Each of the columns in the list view are sortable.

If you wanted to search for a specific student's GI record and you know the students last name, it may be easiest to sort the listing by last name. This may be accomplished by clicking on the Last Name column heading.

Clicking on the column header once sorts the column in ascending order. Clicking on column heading a second time will result in sorting in descending order. The column header will have an up or down arrow indicating the listing is sorted by that column and if it is ascending or descending.

The student name will only be available for the Student Demographic (GI) records. To find specific student records for the other student related records, knowing the student ID will be the easiest way to locate the records you are looking for. The local student id is available on all Student record types. The following screen shot shows the fields available for sorting the Student Standing records in the list view. The local student ID or the SSID are the two most logical manners to sort the records in order to find the specific student record you are looking for.

Once you have located the record you wish to view/update, click on the ID in the first column of the list view, this will take you to display view for the record and allow you the ability to Update or Delete the record.


The Search function within EMISFFE will search all of the record types (GI,FA,CI,CK,DN,QC etc.) in your districts EMISFFE database for matching criteria. If you search for your district's IRN, every record stored in EMISFFE for your district will be returned in the search results since the district IRN is stored on every record.  There is a Help page for the Search function within the EMISFFE application.  The Help page will provide useful information on Search terms that may be used to garner a more productive search of your data.



A record must be selected from the List view in order to Display/Show all of the information for a particular record. To select a record, click on the ID in the very first column of the List view. Once a record is selected from the List and you are in the Display/Show view, you will have the ability to Edit or Delete the record.


The Create/New option is available from the List view

and Display/Show view

for each record type. This option will allow a single record to be added at a time. The button to create a new record is labeled New.

Please take note that the majority of the fields do not have drop-downs containing the valid options for the field. It will be necessary for the user to know what value to place in the various fields that do no have drop-downs provided. In most cases, there are no validations done within the FFE application. If bad data is input into a field, the record may be saved without error in most cases. Districts will find out about the bad data when they receive the validation reports from EMIS-R.


The Update/Edit option is available from the Display/Show view. You must first select a record from the List view which will take you to the Display/Show view.

Delete All

There is a Delete All function available from the List view for each record type. This option appears in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Using this option will delete all records in the application for that record type for your district. This will be useful when it is necessary to re-import data from the districts source system. This may also be used when it is determined the data has been successfully submitted to ODE and it is no longer needed in the FFE application.

The FA record is unique in the fact that it has numerous Delete options available in the navigation bar.  In addition to the Delete All button to delete All Student Assessment records, there will be a delete button for each assessment type.


The ability to Delete a single record is available from the Display/Show view

Or from the Edit

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