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  • Migrating from V1.6-0 to 2.0
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Districts that are actively utilizing EMISFFE as their primary EMIS data entry source will need to migrate their data from version 1.6-0  to V2.0 of EMISFFE.  V2.0 of EMISFFE is using a different database to store the EMIS data.  V1.x of the application will no longer be updated.  V2.x of the application will be updated for 13N reporting and beyond.


V1.6-0 will no longer be accessible beginning July 1, 2013.


Steps to migrate data from V1.6-0 to V2.0:

  • Log into V1.6-0 of EMISFFE
  • Go to the Export option
    • Select 2013 for Fiscal Year
    • Selecting period N for the reporting period will result in the most check boxes being selected for "Records to Export".  However, the reporting period selected does not matter for this migration.  
    • For districts utilizing EMISFFE as their primary EMIS data source, it is recommended that all record types be selected for export
    • Export the data
  • Once an export file has been saved from V1.6-0, log into V2.0 of EMISFFE
  • Using the Import option, Import the extraction file that was created from V1.6-0 

V2.0-0 of EMISFFE 


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