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General Notes on EMISFFE

Each record type within the application is completely independent from the other record types. If you find the Student Demographic (GI) record for John Doe then you select to go to the Student Course (GN) records, you will not be taken to John Doe's student course records. It will be necessary to navigate through the List view or use the Search function to find the Student Course records for John Doe.

Only the data that is stored on a particular record type is available from each of the record type selections. This means that the Student name will only be available on the Student Demographic (GI) record. Staff names will only be available in the Staff Demographic record (CI). Student ID's and Staff ID's will need to be used to locate a particular individuals records on the other Student and Staff records.

Using the List View and/or Search function, the user will navigate themselves to the record(s) they are looking for. This will be explained further in the List View topic.

Validations are very minimal within the application. If the user attempts to add a record that already exists, they will receive an error preventing them from adding the record. Only those fields which have drop-downs are validated to ensure the value entered is valid for the field. There are not too many fields with drop-downs in the application. Some numeric fields are validated to ensure that they are within a valid range. Districts will need to review the validation reports from EMIS-R to determine the validity of the data they entered through EMISFFE.

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