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Five Year Forecast reporting consists of the Five Year Forecast spreadsheet (QF) data and Assumption/Notes.  EMISFFE provides the ability to import a CSV spreadsheet file containing the Five Year Forecast (QF) data converting it to detail format compatible for EMIS-R reporting.  EMISFFE will also convert text for the Assumptions/Notes (QN) into detail format. The Assumptions/Notes will be uploaded/attached to the data submission within the EMIS-R Data Collector.  The Assumptions/Notes need to be in a TXT or PDF format for uploading to the data collector.  For specific details on converting Five Year Forecast data, please visit the Five Year Forecast Spreadsheet and Assumptions/Notes pages.

Once districts have their Five Year Forecast data in EMISFFE, they may use the Export option, selecting the appropriate Fiscal Year and Data Set (P), to extract the QF data into a flat file that may be uploaded to the EMIS-R Data Collector.


Five Year Forecast spreadsheet templates



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