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Beginning with version 2.3-0 of EMISFFE, the ability to convert the FY11 Gx assessment records into FA records during import has been eliminated.  Assessments will need to be imported using the current FA record format.

Importing/Conversion of FY11 Assessment Records (Gx)

Available beginning with version 1.5-4 of EMISFFE

In effort to aid those districts who are utilizing a Third Party source system that will not be able to export assessment records using the FA record format, EMISFFE will convert the FY11 Gx record formats into the FA format during the Import process.  The district will extract their assessment data from their source system as flat files.  The extraction file must have a SEQ extension for Importing into EMISFFE.  The resulting extraction file containing the Gx assessment records may then be Imported into EMISFFE. 

As the records are loaded/imported into EMISFFE, they will be converted to the FA record type.  Upon completion of the Import process, the district will be able to go the the FA page and see that their assessment records were loaded.

Districts may then use the Extract option of EMISFFE to extract the assessment data which will be in the FA record format (required for FY12 yearend reporting).  The resulting EMISFFE extraction file may then be uploaded to the EMIS-R data collector. 

The conversion from Gx to FA will also work for CSV files if a district chooses to Import the records using a CSV file rather than the flat file.  Note however that there are specific formatting rules for CSV files.    


Known Issues

When importing a large data file, EMISFFE may time out with a "Proxy" error.  This may occur after approximately 15 minutes of importing data.  However, even though this error is generated, the data continues to be imported.  Depending upon the size of the data file being imported, it may take several hours for the import process to complete.

If the "proxy" error is received, do not start another import process until you have verified that the previous import has completed.  After this "proxy" error has been generated, the load of records may be monitored by going to the list view for the record type being imported.  At the bottom of the List view page, take note of the value that shows in the box to the left of  "Next".  That box/value represents the highest page number.  Then click on that box for the highest page.  When the list view is redisplayed, if the highest page number box shows a higher number, records are still being loaded.  


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