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The export option allows the ability to extract the data into flat file format for loading into the EMIS-R Data Collector. The user will select the fiscal year and data set for which they are extracting data. When the data set is selected, the record types that are valid for that data set are automatically selected for Exporting (check boxes are marked).

If the incorrect Fiscal Year is selected for the Export, the data in the resulting extraction file will NOT be processed by the EMIS-R Data Collector.  The fiscal year in the extraction file must match the fiscal year of the Manifest in the Data Collector in order for the data to be processed.

If you do not wish to extract all of the selected record types, you may uncheck the boxes for the record types you do not wish to include in the extraction. There is also an Uncheck All option at the bottom of the page that allows you to uncheck all the record types and then you can check the record type you wish to extract.

Once you have the appropriate record types selected, click on the Export button to begin the extraction process. When the Export button is clicked, depending upon your web browser and settings, the extraction may begin automatically saving the file to a location you have designated in your browser preferences or a popup window may appear asking what should be done with the file, Open or Save the file:

The "Save" option should be selected allowing the extraction file to be saved to a location that you will specify in the next step. Once you click on OK for the "Save" option, you will then receive another popup window that will allow you to change the name of the output file, if desired, and specify the location to save/store the file.

The extraction file may then be transferred to the appropriate EMIS-R Data Collector directory for Flat File processing.

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