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The EMIS Flat File Editor was developed to provide a way for districts to make manual updates and data entry for the various EMIS records for which there is no source system (SIF or Flat File) and for "emergency" corrections which the districts source system can not resolve.

This is meant to be a temporary storage area and is not intended to be a substitute for a student information system. The data entered into this application will be stored and maintained by the SSDT on a temporary basis. Data should only be left in the application for the period of time that corrections are being made. Once data has been exported, submitted to ODE and verified to be correct, the data should be removed from the EMISFFE application.

Access to the data is limited to personnel authorized by the districts OECN ITC. ODE personnel do not have access to the data on this system.

This application does not report data directly to ODE. Data will need to be exported from EMISFFE and uploaded into the Flat File load area for EMIS-R.

The information provided here pertains to the functionality of EMISFFE only. For specific information pertaining to the EMIS record types and fields/elements, refer to the applicable fiscal year's ODE EMIS Guide which may be found on ODE's web site.

March (D) CTE Followup Reporting - GV records

For FY16 and beyond, refer to information provided by ODE on how to extract and process the GV source file.  Beginning FY16, the GV source file is being distributed by ODE through the data collector.  Tips on pulling the GV source files from the Data Collector for importing into EMISFFE may be found in the Imports section.

Information regarding the CTE Followup Reporting prior to FY16 may be found in the EMIS V3.0 section of the wiki.

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