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  • EISPRG - EIS Purge Audit File Program
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The EISPRG program is used to remove records from the EIS Audit file and move them to a purge file where they can be archived. Records will remain on the audit file until purged. The audit report program, EISRPT/EIS801, generates two types of audit reports. One is an official report which lists changes made to the EIS files since the last official report was run. The second is a demand audit report which will list changes over a time interval which can pre-date the last official audit report. The only way records are permanently removed from the audit file is by the use of the EISPRG program.

Sample Run of EISPRG

To execute EISPRG either type:


at the $ prompt or from the menu system type:


EISPRG - EIS Audit File Purge program.

This program will purge the EIS Audit file for records on or prior
to a specific purge date.  These purge records are records that have
been reported on the EIS Treasurers Audit Report.

Enter purge date: <(00000000)> ________

Continue, Re-enter or Exit? (C,R,E,?): <C>  _

Purge in progress, please wait.

Records purged from EIS Audit file:   100

Please note that the audit records to be purged should have already  been recorded on an "official" EIS801 audit report. Also note that the  purged records will be transfered to the file EISAUD.PRG. If this file  does not already exist in the current directory, it will be created. If  it does exist, the newly purged records will be appended to the end of  the file. The file EISAUD.PRG can be archived and moved to another directory if desired.

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