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EISPND allows you to add items from the USAS invoice file to the pending file if the item has an object code between 600 and 799. EISMNT/DATSCN contains a flag that determines if the invoice dates or the received dates are to be used by the pending file. Depending on how this flag is set, EISPND will prompt for either a range of invoice or received dates to be used in determining which items will be selected. The program will check to see if items are already on the pending file, and will not add duplicates.

However, if an item was actually added to the inventory and in the process removed from the pending file, the EISPND program has no way of knowing this, and will re-add the item to the pending file.

The EISPND program is normally used to initially set up the pending file for fixed asset items which are still on the invoice file prior to setting the EIS pending flag in USASDAT. It can also be run at any time to add items to the pending file which were invoiced between certain dates. For more information on setting the pending flag please see the "Setting the Pending File Flag" section of the Initial Start-up Procedures Chapter of the EIS User Guide.

accessing the program

The program can be executed by typing:


at the $ prompt or from the menu system type:


The program will then prompt you for the range of invoice or received dates which you desire to be included on the pending file. Notification of the number of records added will be given. To produce a report which includes these records, generate EIS501 (EIS Pending File Report) within EISRPT.

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