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  • Retrospective
  • Demos of Completed Work
  • Discussion Items
  • Identify and estimate work for this Sprint


Discussion Items

  • Can we allow a payroll's starting and ending dates to be changed without requiring entries added to UPDCAL_CUR from being readded? Can we simply "re-initialize" a pay leaving all user entered UPDCAL entries unchanged, or optionally unchanged?
  • Will the redesign facilitate a "partial void". For instance an employee may receive a portion of thier pay via a direct deposit that is returned. The district will want to void the historical direct deposit and re-issue that portion of the net (typically as a check, but maybe as a corrected direct deposit). Can we support this in the new model? How will handle voids in general under the new model?
  • Multiple Simultaneous Pay Behavior
    • Currently in the legacy system a single position can only be included in a single payroll at a time. Do we need to continue to enforce this limitation, or can we allow the same position to be in multiple payrolls at the same time? STILL APPLIES
    • There are two pay code fields on pay items (deductions): error adjust paycode and a standard paycode.
      • the error adjust paycode can be set by the user (or is auto assigned) to specify which MSP an error code will be applied to. How are we going to handle the application of error adjustments in the new system to ensure the same adjustment is not included in multiple pays?
      • the standard pay code can be set by the user and if set will cause that deduction to only be pulled into the payroll with a matching pay code. If the code is not set the pay item (deduction) will be included in all pays. Do we need to support this ability to specify a deduction only applies to a particular pay? If so can this be done via custom fields and/or rules? 
        • If a payroll is cancelled we also have to figure out how to re-apply this error adjustment (add it back into the set).
      • See for details on how this works in the legacy system.
  • A question was raised at the NWOCA conference about recreating the PAYSUM report in USPS-R. See for details about this report. Essentially it is used before CHKUPD to balance INICAL totals + exceptions = PAYSUM totals.
    • Currently we are not saving a totals "snapshot" based on the initial state of the payroll after the initialization has occurred (INICAL.TXT on the old system).
    • Do we need to generate / save a PDF (or other format) of this data, so it can be used later for balancing?
    • Does the PAYRPT (since it is generated each time) replace PAYSUM, or do we need to create a PAYSUM report as well
    • Should PAYSUM be tied directly into the payroll process, or remain a stand-alone report as it is now? 

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