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  • Sprint 64
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  • Sprint Retrospective
    • Identify/gather metrics for next iterations
    • Identify risks and obstacles
  • Sprint Planning Meeting
    • Identify enough work for a two week iteration
    • Estimate work using Planning Poker
    • Execute work

Discussion Items

  1. We need to take a closer look at the Payroll Deduction calculations
    1. Are we currently checking for First Pay / Second Pay...
    2. Is the ordering Correct?
    3. Should not be able to withhold more than 100% of gross
    4. Do we ever calculate payroll items based on Position? (i.e. Position 2 has an annuity that is only specific to position 2?)
      1. If we don't ever need to calculate this way should we remove the Position reference from the Payroll Item?
      2. If we do calculate based on Position, we may need to still implement this.
    5. I added a simple check on FederalTaxItem.calculate() that there can't be a negative taxable gross. I think this happened due to withholding's not being held for the correct pays (First, Second...). Should we keep this conditional moving forward?
  2. Error Adjustments on pay items
    1. Should error adjustments be on pay items in new model or separate
    2. update pay item calculations to handle error adjustments
  3. Leave Projection and Board Distribution flags on Pay Report


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