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  • Sprint 311
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Sprint Review

  • Complete sprint
  • Determine if sprint goals were met
  • Discuss completed items
    • Demo any necessary items
  • Decide what to do with any item not completed

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Support Team Discussion Items

  1. (Lori) FISCSUP-4557 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Sort By in Process Payments does  not appear to be working when choosing Check Distribution/Employee Last Name- USPSRFB-657 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Technical Discussion Items


Review prior retrospective (Sprint  305)

Play Start, Stop, Continue

About this sprint: 

What did we do well / What did we learn?

  • Collections.async library
  • Learned how to use Spring Batch
  • Learned how to control Joins in JPQL

What should we have done better?

  • Stop writing code to handle every know use case
  • USPS ↔ USAS should not depend on each other
  • Document USPS / USAS API for integration
  • Handle errors eagerly when syncing accounts

What should we start doing?

What should we stop doing?

What should we keep doing?


  • Marc Davis Can we add a data generator to the existing db images? (Patch, through liquibase, create the necessary info via Mass Load?)

Developer Discussion Items

  1. (davis) Should the Historical Payroll Objects have direct references to other Aggregates?
    1. Should we just stamp UUID
    2. Queries on history would not be able to load 'live' data, but if needed can request it
    3. Prevent a historical object from loading entire Object Graphs of live data is doesn't need
  2. (davis) Required Reading - 3 part essay on DDD
  3. (davis) Ideas to fix ded history for this district?
    1. FISCSUP-4493 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  4. (Kim) Why do posted absences in Attendance grid show "false" in the "Posted To Payroll" flag?  It looks like Attendances will only show "true" when they post.  
  5. (davis) XRebel
    1. Performance related discussion related to payroll item history
  6. (davis) Database connection leak in Batch Job Service
    1. at 
  7. (Justin) Rare exception during payroll update, causes internal error popup forcing refresh
  8. (davis) Unit Testing

Plan Sprint

  • Average velocity for USPS-R team: 8 story points
    • Clarify team availability 
    • Add user stories and bugs to the next sprint
    • Make sure each story / bug is clear 
    • Estimate each story / bug
    • Create sprint goal
    • Start sprint

Key Summary T Assignee P Status Fix Version/s story points

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